The Wave – by Standing Waves

Available on all digital formats 15/02/2019



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 ¨19 out of 20, contender for album of the year!¨ Musik an sich.

¨polished composition, performance and production that give it an undeniable richness, vibrancy and class.¨ Chain D.L.K.

¨Captivating!” Rockerilla

 ¨Frog Chorus¨ is a secret highpoint! Sonic Seducer

¨. . . the wave announced in the album title could break. Out of sheer good humor. And the pleasure of your own stamina. . . Not exactly simple. But still nice.¨ Amusio


Standing Waves mixes music from the eastern and western hemispheres with virtuoso violin, tabla, voice, overtoning, piano, samples, natural and space sounds to produce exotic soundscapes which span many different genres of music. Their concerts are exciting and push the boundaries using specially produced films and musicians from different disciplines – east meets west, electroacoustic soundfest!

These compositions have been produced through a process of improvisation and experimentation with absolutely no preconceptions. As such they are sound adventures in the stream of consciousness!


1. Tabla Dance 5.17
2. Elegy 6.15
3. Frog Chorus 5.38
4. Hildegard’s Dream 8.11
5. The Wave – Part 1 6.38
6. The Wave – Part 2 6.59
7. Sky of Consciousness 5.57

Roger Huckle – Violin
Marcus Davidson – Keyboards/sounds/bass
Kat Kleve – Vocals
Jayson Stilwell – Vocal overtoning

All music written by Marcus Davidson and Roger Huckle apart from Hidegard’s Dream, melody by Hildegard von Bingen

Produced by Marcus Davidson
Design by Lucy Erikson
Artwork by Tabitha Lincoln
Mastered by Denis Blackham at Skye Mastering